Proud of our Video Announcement Team

A little Alice Cooper, Michael Jackson and love how Lauren connects with our guests and get the message communicated. Way to go Matt and Lauren.


The swearing in of an American Citizen

So I’ve had a number of people asking when and where the American Citizenship Swearing in thing happens… The details are as follows:

Saturday July 4, 2009 – 9am at the Saratoga National Battlefield in Stillwater, NY. For more details on where that is check at the site at

If you’re bored on July 4 morning or want to see what it looks like when an Irishman becomes an American you’re more than welcome to join the fun.

Dance Recital

Proud of my girls… months of practice and they performed in front of thousands of people (no exaggeration) at Proctors. Enjoy the video of my girls.

Dance Recital from Gareth Gilpin on Vimeo.

Shofar Hero


So my good friend, Chico Woo, posted this last week and I couldn’t not share it with you. You can read Chico’s post here. And check out Shofar Hero here.

Am I in the right profession?

I’ve often wondered over the past five years about this creative desire that God seems to have placed in me… I’ve had this intense and deep desire to communicate the message of the Kingdom of God through media in such a way that it lays a person’s heart bare and they just get it. Maybe you think I’m crazy but I watch stuff and can’t help but think how incredibly creative our heavenly Father must be. Music and video moves me, inspires me, makes me believe we can make a difference on planet earth. Take a look at the sample below… I’ve watched some of these videos 20-30 times tonight. I mesmerized by the creativity behind them – some are simple, some are fantastically difficult, all leave me stunned.

It’s Champion League Final Day

It’s been a crazy couple of weeks house hunting… so today I will hopefully have my mind taken off it for at least 90 minutes. In honor of the occasion enjoy the best action from the competition.


Why would you not want to be Irish?