I’m always amazed by the creativity of people

So it’s been one crazy week and we’ve had this dream of updating our stage for the past year… Problem: no money. No problem. $400, a wild imagination, some incredible guys who figured out how to get things done and long hours and in the space of 5 days we take our stage through the following evolution… special thanks to Andy Hayes, Jon Chen, Angel Luckina, Joe Guzek, Paul Landon and Randell Lex.


10 year old boy brings the preaching heat…

New and Old

Had a great time of prayer with some incredible folks on Sunday who shared a few thoughts with me… things that I’d been thinking on and they had no clue about. Wayne shared a verse with me that I haven’t been able to shake. Matthew 13:53 (amplified shown below)

He said to them, Therefore every [a]teacher and interpreter of the Sacred Writings who has been instructed about and trained for the kingdom of heaven and has [b]become a disciple is like a householder who brings forth out of his storehouse treasure that is new and [treasure that is] old [the fresh as well as the familiar].

Over the past number of years I’ve wrestled with walking out the future in the present while honoring and building upon the past. Sometimes in the church world we get stuck in the arena of “we’ve always done it this way.” Anyone who knows me knows I love change. I love forward movement. I love trying something new. But I’ve also learned the incredible importance of celebrating the present and honoring and building upon the past. This verse reenforces that God’s Kingdom isn’t just about the latest thing or the newest revelation (be it a new way of doing something or a prophetic utterance in charismatic circles) it’s a blend of the new and the old. The truths and values that have brought us to this place. As we move forward to do so with a firm grasp on the foundations laid in the past.

I’ve been watching Shredded Wheat’s latest advertising campaign (well worth a visit to www.thepalaceoflight.com) and appreciated the new and the old coming together in some very creative and amusing ways. As we build forward lets be creative, culturally relevant and engaging, but lets make sure we bring out the old and the new treasures.

Make the usual and normal memorable and remarkable

So we got into a conversation tonight around dinner about weddings and ended up watching the following video… Love the creativity and originality. Why be normal when you can be different. Why do what everyone else is doing, when you can do something a little different. Something I love about walking around the streets of Portland. So go ahead and do something you normally do, but do it a little different.

There’s a lot to celebrate today

Just let these verses penetrate your soul today (Isa 49).

16 Look, I’ve written your names on the backs of my hands.  The walls you’re rebuilding are never out of my sight. 17 Your builders are faster than your wreckers.  The demolition crews are gone for good. 18 Look up, look around, look well! See them all gathering, coming to you? As sure as I am the living God”—God’s Decree— “you’re going to put them on like so much jewelry, you’re going to use them to dress up like a bride. 19 “And your ruined land? Your devastated, decimated land? Filled with more people than you know what to do with! And your barbarian enemies, a fading memory. 20 The children born in your exile will be saying, ‘It’s getting too crowded here. I need more room.’ 21 And you’ll say to yourself, ‘Where on earth did these children come from? I lost everything, had nothing, was exiled and penniless.  So who reared these children? How did these children get here?’” 22 The Master, God, says: “Look! I signal to the nations, I raise my flag to summon the people.”

Who are your color bearers?

Learned a lot at Gettysburg and Philadelphia this week. One item got me thinking. Color bearers carry the flag into battle. An honor & heavy responsibilty. In the heat of battle the flag became a rallying point. If you’re a leader have you identified color bearers & how are you equipping them to carry the vision, weather the storm & lead others.

I’ve learned alot about finding color bearers over the past couple of years… Those who understand and own the mission and can lead the charge with others are vital I beleive to the success of any organization, church or business. I don’t think it’s possible to advance long term without color bearers. I appreciate those who are carry the flag in battlefield.

Proud to be an American (or at least a dual citizen)

Yesterday was a fun day with the family as I became an American Citizen… Thanks to my good friend Tim Massie and his company Chase the Wind Photography we were able to capture the moment. Click here to check it out.